Breakthrough Leadership Conference DVD Package

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Technology is increasing at a rapid pace. Consider this, right now someone in the world is thinking about how to serve your customers better and more efficiently. They are trying to put you out of business. You risk being disrupted unless you can stay nimble and be the disruptive technology. Kodak and Blackberry are both prime examples of companies that were at the top of there game and within a few short years, they were rendered almost obsolete by disruptive technology. 

After 40+ years of intensive research, we’ve succeeded in identifying the most critical  factors that teams, leaders, and individuals need in order to achieve true success and be the disruptive technology.

We’ve helped thousands of people from across the globe achieve their best. We want to help you too! If you’re ready to experience a rich and sustainable transformation that strengthens you, your relationships, and your organization -- these DVD recordings of the Breakthrough Leadership Conference will help!

During this conference we'll put into practice the blueprint, the strategy, and the processes to help you dominate your industry and be the disruptive company! In addition, we'll share the time-tested secrets to improve relationships and communication, maximize productivity, and develop world-class leadership skills.

Every minute of this “100% content” program will be dedicated to empowering you with the necessary tools to drive success. Imagine an experience that is fun, engaging, relevant, and one that leaves you motivated and inspired. There is no other training like this anywhere! 



Breakthrough Leadership Conference will help you to...

  • Increase Revenues. By applying the principles of highly successful leaders, you will be able to develop strategies that increase your revenues and contribute to your overall growth.
  • Infuse Your Relationships With Trust. You determine the quality of your relationships! Your every action either builds or weakens the level of trust you enjoy in each of those relationships. During this conference, you'll engage in nine activities that will help you build trust in each of your relationships and reap the positive rewards.
  • Build the Bottom Line of Success. In addition to increasing revenues, we will discuss principles that will help you improve the bottom line through improved systems, structures, and the best utilization of resources.
  • Improve Communication Skills.  Participate in enlightening activities that evaluate how you communicate and find specific ways to improve your communication skills. BYB will teach you the art of being a highly effective communicator, which will impact every area of your life. 
  • Cultivate and Learn Critical Leadership Skills.
    There's never been a time in history when there's been a greater need for leaders who have the skills and know-how to lead a team and effectively develop and execute a plan. During this conference, you'll learn and practice the leadership skills that every leader NEEDS to stay on the cutting edge.
  • Cultivate a Mindset of Success.  Even if you have an inspiring vision and motivating goals, self-limiting beliefs can prevent you from achieving the success and happiness you want. Through our unique individual and team activities, you can recognize and erase your own limiting beliefs. The result? A new way of thinking in which you can achieve anything you set your mind to.
  • Discover World-Class Time Management Skills.  We'll reveal powerful time management tools that will enable you to be more effective at home and at work. Gone are the days of missed deadlines, no free time, and unbalanced family and work life. You’ll discover a proprietary and incredibly effective way to plan your time so as to maximize effectiveness.