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Bundle of all 12 Success Principles and save 20%.

Today, the difference between mediocre and great is the difference between success and failure. So what exactly does it take to be exceptional? Over 40 years of research reveal that exceptional companies, people, and families all share unique qualities—Steven Shallenberger and the BYB team have identified the 12 most important.

These MP3's reveal simple and entertaining ways to harness the power of the 12 principles. Listeners will discover how to make communication easier and clearer, live in greater peace and balance, more persuasively lead others with an inspiring vision, and how to embrace change—not fear it.

MP3's are delivered via e-mail after purchase.

Overview of the 12 Principles:

1: Be True To Character

2: Lead With A Vision

3: Manage With A Plan

4: Priortize Your Time

5: Live the Golden Rule In Business And Life

6: Build And Maintain Trust

7: Be An Effective Communicator

8: Innovate Through Imagination

9: Be Accountable

10: Apply The Power Of Knowledge

11: Live In Peace And Balance

12: Never Give Up!