The Liberty of Our Language Revealed

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The Liberty of Our Language Revealed

We Bring About What We Talk About

Why write a book about changing our language in order to change our lives?
Hasn’t it all been said already?

Doesn’t everyone plainly understand that when we change our language we
change our results? Doesn’t the human race know that we have the power to verbally
command our future into what we really want? Isn’t it clear already that some of the
most powerful movements in history are because of something someone said? Don’t
people, especially athletes, already know how to talk to themselves in order to secure the
victory? Isn’t it obvious that if a CEO or manager wants to get the best out of his/her
people, superior language is necessary? I am sure everyone already wakes up in the
morning, has their day planned, and repeat all the positive things that are going to take
place in their lives, right? By now surely everyone understands that people tend to act
how you speak to them, wouldn’t you say?

When I came to a strong realization that the above questions were not
commonplace and the answers were not rhetorical, I decided to create The Liberty
of Our Language Revealed.

When your words, conversations, prayers, vocabulary, and even karaoke
performances are on the same page as your true desires, you will discover the missing
gems in your life that were essentially there all along. Our words are actually the golden
key that unlocks the sought-after treasure. We truly Bring About What We Talk About!

Inside this book you will get crystal clear on how to change your language in
order to change your results, change your environment, and change your life.

- Thomas Blackwell, author